MAKE-UP CULTURE|what is it? How has it changed the game in the makeup industry?

The perfect well articulated eyebrows

The beautifully blended eyeshadow

The contour the highlight the lipstick

Call it a hobby, a talent, a career…Some people even call it a waste of time….Those who don’t know anything of course. You spend hours and hours doing your makeup or on others, right? So it is right for someone to call it a “waste of time”.

But leave it to the person behind that perfect Smokey eye or the amazing red lip and how fulfilled they are because everything came together. The “whew” moment was worth every stroke of the brush….

Makeup has become part of our everyday culture now. It is for everybody. For all races. For all genders. How cool is that? Imagine that young boy who watched his mother or sisters doing makeup and wishing he could do the same but because of the belief that makeup is for girls he couldn’t and now that he can is mind blowing . Not only that certain religions have kept a very strict rule of how “natural” one must be.

I’ve seen so many YouTube videos of Muslim girls doing makeup. The final look is breath taking. This is a sign that people are slowly accepting the MAKEUP CULTURE. It is for everybody who wants to explore with this field.

With that said, let’s talk about how many businesses have become so successful because of just way too many people willing to buy the products. DO you think that if makeup was only for girls and only girls bought these products, the makeup business would have been this successful? I don’t think so!

When it comes to business, because of how accepting people are of makeup, people are able to have a career and provide for their families, buy houses, cars etc. Not only is it something that makes your beauty extra pop but also has become a source of income for many. Including me. I might venture into this business.

It is well known that you cannot be a millionaire from one source of income. Invest into other things and let your money create more money for you. Even the people we look up to like #rihanna. Just not so long ago she was all about the music but because she’s seen how in demand makeup is she invested into it, hence #fentybeauty 🙌

If you spend so much time doing something you’re passionate about, you might as well get paid for it.

One of my all time favorite eyeshadow palettes…🤗

I love how earthy the Luxe pallet is😘it can give you that simple nude eye look with matte finish or if you want some drama go for that glitter

The Nubian by Javia is another of my go to🙈🙌

How pigmented and poppin’the colours are is everything🤗 if you have not tried this out yet, you definitely should.

Makeup or no makeup we are all still beautiful.

If you have any makeup product that you are still very much attached to despite all new brands coming up leave a comment

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Stay blessed🍃


Love Is A leap of faith…

Is there such a thing as falling in love at the right time right place?…

DO we plan it all? Coming up with a vision board as to when you think falling in love would take place? Or is it something that happens when we least expect it….?

For others, love could happen at the right time and right place. You see it coming. But for others, it’s something we definitely have to be patient with or even forget that it’s going to happen. It’s not so easy to break down your walls so that the other person could see you for who you are and letting them decide if it’s “safe” to be with someone like you and vice versa.

Your past relationships sometimes become the biggest reason as to why we hold back to falling in love all over again. Whether you caused the break up or not. It becomes “risky” to put yourself out there. Some people take years and years to get back into the dating game because they are afraid of getting hurt.

Every time you feel like it’s (Love) about to happen, we put up our walls so high, go into defense mode, always on edge, always thinking “what if” history repeats itself….

Well I say…give it a shot😊 a 100 times if possible. You deserve that second chance, third chance or even tenth chance at love. Those walls that are so high because of your ex..? Break them down! Life is too short to live in regrets. Life is too beautiful to explore with your significant other. DO you plan on living your life cooked up in your house while your ex is on his/her fourth relationship??? Nah honey…DO yourself a favor and thank God for having such a big heart to love all over again.

The pictures are from earlier this year. It was a point in my life I thought I could go ahead and marry my fiance despite not being in love with him anymore. I thought I could give it another go with him but my heart belonged to someone else. Someone I loved whole heartedly. With my body my soul and my spirit. So I took a huge leap of faith and left my fiance. I did not care what was going to happen. I did not care if me and him weren’t going to make it. I did not want to think about the future. I did not care that we were both students and still way down the ladder. I just wanted to be with someone I truly loved and be loved with respect.

Today, I am very happy. Still very much in love with my “forbidden love” and we are expecting our first child. And guess what…? I do not regret a thing! If I went ahead and got married, I was going to be very unhappy. Not only that I wasn’t going to be the wife he needed because I was not going to be all of me.

I was just thinking about everything that happened and thought of sharing. If you aren’t sure of your relationship, leave. Don’t waste your time and your partner’s time trying to build something out of false feelings. It’s not going to last. Leave and be on your own for some time or move on with someone you feel is the right one for you. Either way…

Take the leap of faith…🍃

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Thinking Out Loud💭


I just wanna do and be better. Looking at how our society has become now with social media being in the forefront of how life should be, should look like, how people should behave etc is scary. Terrifying actually. We forget just what it means to live life and be grateful with what we have and can do Without the influence of the internet.

I have become so obsessed with social media that I almost feel like dying when I’m not online. It’s not a good feeling. I have friends that aren’t really friends anymore because we don’t spend time together like we used to before knowing Facebook or instagram.

The world we have created is so superficial, nothing complex about how we think. I wanna be more than this. I don’t want to be judged based on pictures or judge others based on pictures. I’d like to do something because I really want to and it’s going to have a positive impact later.

Isn’t it funny how we become envious of celebrity couples and boom! Next thing you know they are getting separated or divorced…? You don’t see it coming because all they share is perfect couple goals. All smiles and laughter. They are so good at hiding their struggles that when us the “normal” people have struggles in our relationships think that there’s something wrong with our lives because it just doesn’t match with our celebrity couple’s relationships.

I just wanna do and be better as a person. I want to focus on what I really want from life and not conceal my truth with meaningless goals. Be a great mom, a good person, be thankful, get my degree….even more degrees if I feel like, be the entrepreneur that I want to be, have successful businesses that not only help me financially but others too. Have my dream farm and if I get married then great and if I don’t get married, no problem! I just want to focus on things that I know I can control. I wanna read more and more novels, educate myself about things that people don’t even think about anymore. Damn it I just wanna be grateful!

It’s ok to have someone that inspire you. But don’t make your goals about them. Stick with your own plan. They also had their own problems climbing up the successful ladder. You will trip and fall if you decide to be exactly like them because your struggles aren’t like theirs.


If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one”

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My Top 5 Beauty Tips

There is a lot of beauty tips out there. From steam rooms to weird laser facials. Most of these procedures are quite expensive omg! And not to forget, they could be dangerous to your body like bacterial infection, scarring, changes in the skin’s pigmentation etc in the case of getting laser treatment.

The skin looks amazing and flawless when all goes well but sometimes the cost exceeds the expectations which in some cases has only proven to be a waste of money and time. If you want to go down that road, procedures and all, just do your research and find a good doctor who has a good reputation in this field.

Get insight from who has done it before and see if it’s worth the risk or the money. TV can make something look so good when actually it’s not. You do not want to end up botched! My article is not to judge those that go for such procedures and trust me I would too if I had the money to spare LOL

Right now I completely depend on what mother nature has to offer. I have been using a lot of natural ingredients in my face masks, foot soaks, body exfoliation and what I like to call my “clean water”. I’ll get into detail about that😉

So let me break it down for ya loves…


My face is so sensitive. Easily breaks if I use something that just doesn’t agree with me. Like lemon, Literally scrub away my flesh. So for my face I make sure whatever I use does not have any acidity in it.

1. Tomato and sugar scrub. This is the easiest and the cheapest and I use it every morning. Get your tomato, slice it up and have some sugar on a plate and scrub away all those dead cells and give your skin that natural glow.

2.Honey and milk face mask. 1tbs honey and 1tbs milk and a cotton bud or your index finger. Now this I use when I want to target just certain areas on my face like a stubborn blackhead on my forehead or cheek rather than my whole face. But you can apply it all over your face if you like. I just don’t like the smell of milk so I use as little as possible🙈 not only does it get rid of blackheads but also gives u that glowy skin🤗

3. Sugar and baby lotion face scrub.

Literally just 1tbs/2tbs of sugar and a little bit of lotion and use it to scrub your face with for soft skin. That simple😘


This is my favorite beauty tip of mine. I just love love soft feet. Clean soft feet make me feel so confident. Especially when I’m cuddling in bed with my man and I know my feet aren’t dry and so my insecurities fly out the window. It’s like having the the most expensive dress on🙈…I know…doesn’t make sense lol so my two go-to foot soaks…

1. Honey foot soak. I get a bucket of warm water and half a cup of honey and just add everything to the water. I soak my feet for 20-25 mins. Scrub/massage for soft feet.

2. Apple cider vinegar foot soak. This was my first foot soak I ever tried. I had really dry feet back then and when I started looking up ways of how I can get rid of this problem, this was what caught my eye first and I only did for two days and my feet were fresh, soft as ever and actually looked better. Cleaned my nails too. It has become my all time go to “healer” for my feet. I do it once every week. It also helps with fungus and prevent it from showing up again.


1. Coffee body scrub. I think everybody is very aware of this lol

All you need is 1/2tbs of ground coffee, 1/2tbs of sugar and 1/2tbs coconut oil. Mix everything and use this mixture to scrub your body while taking a shower. You can do this once or twice a week. What I do is make enough to last me a week and leave the jar in the shower for whenever I need it. It helps clear up stretch marks, cellulite, gives u soft and smooth skin🤗


What I mean here is simply cucumber water, lemon water, ginger water, orange water, strawberries etc. I do this to clear out my system, prevention of muscle pains with lemon water and the ginger helps with losing weight. You could mix some of the fruits in one bottle and enjoy your water. Nothing fancy really lol


DO you know that feeling you have when you wake-up with MAKEUP on?? Horrible,right? I feel old when this happens to me and it’s not the best way to start your day lol. When mascara is dry it can break your lashes. Not cute. You wake up with baggy eyes. Not cute at all! So the best way to prevent this from happening is removing your makeup with your preferred wipes and rinse your face with warm clean water.

That’s all I had for you today🤗😘

Stay beautiful. Stay healthy.

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Financially Savvy|My ‘WCE’

“My women crush everyday”

I have a lot of women that inspire me to do better and be a successful woman. From Oprah Winfrey to Martha Stewart. Even kylie Jenner inspires me, I mean who becomes a millionaire from just lipsticks!! Like hello couldn’t she be more of a business savvy queen herself….

This year has been the most challenging year of my life. Not only am I expecting my first child but I was not able to graduate. I’m not so bummed about not graduating on time because I know I’ll get it done next year. But what keeps me awake at night is my baby. I need to provide for her. So I started doing a retail business particularly perfumes. I’ve always had a passion for business. I see myself as an entrepreneur and successful at everything I put my mind to. I must say, it’s not easy being pregnant and trying to sell perfumes.

Just a few months ago I almost gave up on my perfume business until I came across an article talking about savvy business women and more interestingly three to four women where mentioned. They all had amazing stories to tell but Meagan Ward and Karen Civil really touched my heart on a personal level. I was drawn to them instantly that I started doing my own research on them to find out how they built their businesses. In this short time they have become my “women crush everyday”. Yep! Just like that. From a simple article and I was able to connect and get inspired to work and believe in the beauty of being an OPTIMIST.

Meagan Ward

She is the founder of The Powerful Women and the branding agency Creatively Flawless.

Practice what you preach,right?

1. Find your inner brilliance

Ideas, talents and purpose

2. Cultivate what you want

Not only speak things you want into existence but take action to make it happen.

3. Be a powerful force

Use your skill to service others.

Karen Civil

Photocred: Rollingout

She’s a social media and digital media marketing strategist and author Be you and live civil.

She was also responsible for creating Lil Wayne’s website

Thinking about starting a business is so easy, anybody can do that. But actually starting the business is another story. There’s a lot of setbacks that come with it. You can either get frustrated and give up or stand your ground and stay true to your goals and why you even thought about having a business in the first place and push through the challenges.

Having someone to look up to could be helpful towards achieving your goals. Their struggles and wins become yours too and therefore have the right mindset and behavior😊

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Perfumes|Still on my wishlist 2018

With my all time favorite ingredients in a perfume #wildstrawberries #Jasmine…

Coco mademoiselle is not really on my wish list anymore because I recently just got it. I initially got it for my mom but she didn’t like so I started using it and I love love love it. It has a sweet smell to it which I love in my perfumes😘

Talk about packing!

Carolina Herrera outdid herself with this one. Still remains the sexiest perfume bottle on the market compared to the last one(My opinion😊). It’s not even in my country you have to get it online and it’s quite expensive. For now I’m still that girl who is still trying to buy it lol.

Like I said in my last post, a perfume can really boost your confidence. Especially if you invested a lot of money buying it. There’s millions of them out there but when you find the one that goes well with your personality, it becomes more than just a smell in a bottle. It becomes your signature. But this doesn’t mean you stop trying out others lol…

Since becoming Author Ford agent, my love for perfumes has escalated. It’s empowering knowing that with just a perfume I can change someone’s mood, excite them and make them feel beautiful.

Thank you for reading my post😘

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I’d Rather Stay In Than Go Out Without My Fragrance

When I go out I like to feel not only confident with the clothes I am wearing but also confident with the way I smell. Every body has body odor and it can be a turn off, ruin the mood and can lower your self-esteem. A good perfume can make u feel like you are ready to conquer the word lol yep a dash of it goes a long way and can boost your confidence.

I’ve used a lot of perfumes over the years but never really found the ONE (if that makes sense) that I could stick with until I got my hands on Her Secret Temptation by Antonio Banderas. OMG I fell in love with this product instantly! Not too masculine and not too feminine. Just like my personality. It’s a match made in heaven.

This could be my favorite for now but I do use other perfumes. Anything that lasts long and smells nice really lol…

Thank u so much for taking your time to read my post🤗

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