Covered Truth

When you ask about me you will probably not get the best story. You will probably hear of things that will make you look at me a certain way. There’s a lot of damage a rumor could do to somebody’s life.

Especially if that rumor is being shared among people that don’t like you at all. People that just want to find “dirt” on you for their own benefit. Which sucks really. I don’t even know how people find the energy to entertain such.

Probably because they are miserable human beings and they just don’t love themselves and they have nothing but jealousy towards you. The funny thing is that I’m a genuinely good person and I give nothing but love.

I’m that person that feeds you till you die because I simply just want to take care of you. So when you go behind my back to discuss things about me or try to find out something about me ( that will definitely not make u rich) or just sit through a conversation about me then later go and pass it on to the next person etc then you are nothing but a COWARD.

You are simply just scared of me. Afraid of me. I intimidate you. It’s so funny how so many people know me but don’t know me. And it’s also very funny how people use the lowest point in your life as their entertainment.

To be honest, I’ve never really been affected by what people have said out there. It does hurt a little that people are willing to go through thick and thin just to tarnish your name. Like what do you gain from all this? A laugh? Grinning from ear to ear for a few seconds just so you could destroy someone’s reputation?

Do you know that there’s a lot of people that go into deep depression because of the same thing you are doing? A person’s reputation is EVERYTHING. I’m thankful that I’ve never found myself facing depression. I have never been the one to entertain anything false about me. I’ve got thick skin and all the negativity just bounce back to wherever it came from.

I started writing a book in January this year. About my life. My truth. It’s been therapeutic going down memory lane. Some memories have made me cry and others have made me laugh. I decided to do this as a way to really share my truth with you.

Especially you who thinks you know everything about me and why this or that happened. And more importantly my Book is for those people who just want to RELATE. Knowing that somebody else went through it and turned their life around for the better can be a sign of HOPE for many.

You are not alone❤

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How Healthy Thinking Can Help You Be The Best Version Of Yourself

The same thing I do every night…a little different now that there’s a baby. I read my bible to my baby and she can be one attentive girl like she can even understand, I haven’t got her her own story books yet so I read the bible to her.

I put her down to sleep and most of the times I say a prayer before I doze off. Before I fall asleep I lay awake with my eyes staring at the white ceiling above me. Thinking and thinking and thinking about my dreams, goals, what i want, what i need….my purpose…

I get a little emotional here. The emotions come from how easy it is to think about all this but how hard it can be to achieve something and just how long it can take to really have everything you ever dreamed of having.

Right this moment I’m in my bed and I want to cry so bad because of how bad I wanna make it in life TOO. I have prayed for my sins to be forgiven and I’ll continue to do so because I really do want God to give me all of his blessings. After all God has the final Say and you can’t go on making plans without his blessings.

I’ve got a verse to share with y’all;

Proverbs 16:3……”commit to the Lord whatever you do and he will establish your plans”…

I have decided that my life is going to be a good one. I want it to be a good one. It will be a good one. Why not?? Lol

I’ve been feeling down lately and I don’t know…I’m failing to focus…focusing on the right things. I came across the “Be More Positive Challenge” as I was going through my saved items on my laptop. I’m gonna try out the challenge and…I don’t really need this but I’m gonna do it anyway.

For those wondering “what on earth is she talking about”…👇

Healthy Thinking/positive thinking has to come from you. It’s a decision that one must make independently. At the end of the day it is your life after all. It’s you feeling what you are feeling.

I’m mostly bubbling here but I hope you get my point and I truly do hope you enjoy reading everything I put up for you😊

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Jordyn Woods Tristan Thompson Khloe kardashian Drama

Damn! I never saw this coming. #jordynwoods making out with #tristanthompson #khloekardashian baby father…?? What a tough pill to swallow. I love Jordyn she’s such a beautiful young woman and she seems like a nice person. So sad she got caught up in all this drama considering who the man is.

It’s even more sad that people are saying khloe deserved it because of this and that. Nobody deserves to be betrayed like that. Let’s not forget this man cheated on her while she was pregnant and decided to cheat on her after giving birth. I cried when the story went viral.

It’s something I can relate to and my heart broke for khloe. Nobody deserves to go through that nomatter what. To me that’s the ultimate betrayal. Not only am I carrying your child going through all the hardships of pregnancy just so you could have this precious being into your life but I must deal with your infidelity aswel??? That’s not fair. The least you could do is be a descent human being.

Khloe you have such a wonderful heart to forgive that man the first time he did you wrong. I’m guessing he cheated again because he thought you were just going to give him another chance and be all lovie dovie again. You gave him a beautiful child and it’s a shame she has a despicable father. What a shame.

TRUE deserves a better father and you definitely deserve a better man. He is the real loser here. How long do you plan on being a useless person Tristan..? People need to stop throwing shade at khloe with the whole karma talk. The real monster here is the man. He went out of his way and used his private parts to think like always.

Such a beautiful family.

I don’t understand how some people are finding this funny honestly. How you gon’enjoy another person’s misery😥 without the baby involved I’d be like oh yeah he cheated but whatever next but y’all, the baby…How do you bounce back from that?

It’s so painful when the man you love does something wrong to you. Your heart literally feels like a cold stone. It’s like you can’t feel nothing no more but at the same time you do feel something. Hurt. It’s like they don’t even care about their child. If they can hurt you and you half of your child…I mean..It’s like hurting the child too.

Like in the future how do you explain to your child why you ain’t on speaking terms with the father?? That shit breaks my heart and I’m not talking about myself only but for other women who have been through this and still going through it. I feel ya. You can lean on me. Let’s hurt together and move on together.

We’ve all been through it one way or the way. Let’s not be Like The Punisher dealing with pain by causing pain. All you need to do is of course forgive and know that it’s not your fault that the person did not turn out the way you expected them to. It’s cool.

As for Jordyn, girl….You done f**ked up. That’s family boo. You don’t hurt family. But it’s gonna be alright. Good luck.


Thank you for taking your time to read😘

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Kim Kardashian turned a tragedy into gold by being herself. Imma do the same!

(Definitely not film myself having sex)

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you someting else is the greatest accomplishment”

I’ve always thought a certain situation was better than the other. In most cases it seems like it is but it’s not. I have a problem with “comfort”. I get too comfortable with someone or something too easily and way too fast. I wouldn’t say that I’m scared to be alone. I can be alone and very happy but I don’t know why I “settle”.

But that’s the past now. I think since having my baby I’ve earned a sixth sense now ( I know I’m laughing too). I’ve been able to make decisions that are good for me emotionally and physically. Trying to be a good role model for my daughter of course I must evoke behavior that shows authenticity in what i do or say.

I know I’m not the only one here dealing with situations that lack certainty. You’re stuck in that relationship trying to make it work but you know it doesn’t have a future. You Know things might not change. Some days it actually feels like something “real” and probably that’s the reason why you’re still stuck in it.

Looking back on my past, I’m making the same mistake. Word for word, step by step ( oh my gosh). If I’m going to evolve and be a better person better partner better mother better friend, I definitely must be true to myself. Without the outside noise I’m so much at peace with myself. No expectations no nothing. Just me myself and I.

Being true to yourself is the easiest thing you could do compared to what you are doing right now which is settling for shit less. In fact you don’t have to confront anybody just cut them off. Cut the negativity out of your life. Cut the doubts. Cut the uncertainty. Cut the bs. Cut the setbacks. Focus on YOU. I’ve got so much to get done anyway I don’t have the time to foster anything that brings me down on a regular basis.



In pain

Not able to trust again

Question marks all the time

All that is in the past now and the present isn’t so bad. It’s time to really LET GO AND LET GOD.

I hope you enjoy reading this and don’t forget to like and comment. Happy Sunday y’all🍃

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Just Another Day Being A Mom

I didn’t know it was going to be this difficult…

As you know I had my baby girl last year December. It was a wonderful experience. I finally have a baby just like I’ve always wanted. She’s all mine and I love her so dearly. She’s almost two months now and her beauty is just amazing! I love taking care of her. Especially breastfeeding. To be honest, while I was pregnant I never really considered the idea.

I heard it hurts so bad breastfeeding and that your breasts are just never the same after. I filled my head with a lot of negative thoughts and my insecurities reached the highest level and I couldn’t bear the thought of going through all that.

But when I met her for the first time just as the excruciating pain disappeared, so did my insecurities. It was a wow moment for sure. I was so in love with this person and even more in love with the feeling of being her mother. I immediately tried breastfeeding her when the doctor gave her to me.

I couldn’t believe she was finally here and I could only think of what’s best for her and like what Kourtney Kardashian said, BREAST MILK IS LIKE GOLD. My motherly mode was activated and boy was it a natural. It was definitely the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to do because my baby had difficulties latching on to my nipple and I didn’t know how to help her and I just didn’t know how to breastfeed in the first place.

It was frustrating. I cried. I felt like shit honestly. Here I’m sitting on the hospital bed with a baby in my arms, tears pouring out of my eyes, my vagina still very sore cause a human being just came out of it and on top of all that my phone just wouldn’t stop ringing. In my mind I’m like it should have been the easiest thing to do, I mean it’s just putting the baby against the breast and she’s able to suck but nooo!!!!! I cried and cried and cried till one of the nurses came in to help me figure it out.

Now today, I’d like to say we are both pros at this breastfeeding thing. I’ve gotten the hang of it and she’s doing so well sucking. Apart from that….life is pretty “busy”. I’m always moving up and down doing mommy duties I swear I feel like I need to get paid for this. Even taking a shower is a hustle. Before I had her I used to take like two or three showers everyday at whatever time I wanted but now oh my gosh 3-5 minutes of a shower seems like the ultimate mission impossible.

There was this time I came out the shower with soap on my legs and back because my baby started crying like something hurt her or something. She likes to do that to me. If I try to ignore her jx for a second…Just for a second…this girl can make you run like you’re trying to participate in the Olympics. Immediately she sees me she goes quiet like she wasn’t the one crying like that. Calm.

She drives me crazy. I feel crazy. And I love it. I love her and I love everything about motherhood I feel highly favoured. From the sleepless nights to the restless days I love this girl. She’s my everything and I’d do anything including not giving enough attention to my boyfriend anymore because I’m just too busy even for him. Sorry my love lol😘

Oh my goodness one more thing…

Giving her a bath!! It is scary. Scaaaarrry. Like holding an egg. If you’re not careful the egg could slip out of your hands and drop to the floor. The worst thing, right? That’s how I can describe the whole process of giving a baby a bath. You must pay attention to everything around you, above you, below you, I mean you’ve got to focus here. Your baby must be safe and comfortable in your care.

If you are a first time mom and still trying to figure it all out just know that you’re not alone. And always always ask for help. It doesn’t make you a bad mom to ask for help. You’re doing great so far. You will be fine momma🌼❤🤗

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Megan Markle: The Mother-To Be Has Become One Of The Most Influential People On The Planet…Especially Her Taste In Fashion

Not only will you notice the elegance in her style but just how modern everything is too. I personally want to dress like her. I’m sure you’d agree with me here. She’s gorgeous and seems like a sweet person.

I just love how “clean” her looks are. From her makeup to her hair and the outfit of course. I’ve also noticed that she doesn’t wear too much jewelry, I mean who needs accessories when you got your man by your side looking at you like the most beautiful woman on earth!

Some of my Favorite looks of the Duchess

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Becoming A Millionaire.The Power Of Self-Discipline and Consistency

Wow it’s finally a New Year! Thinking about it…I’ve never really had any “New year’s resolutions” actually. Probably because I had school on my mind all the time. So it was like study study study no thing else. I think I want to have a different mindset this year. It’s 2019 and it seems like a promising year (for me). The other day I was thinking about opening a brokerage account. It’s time to start making investments that actually have a significant impact. Just last week I made a bold move and opened my Treasure Chest Account which will allow me to put away money for future use. It’s definitely going to be hard knowing that I have money saved up and can’t touch it until it matures. Just like a lot of people out there I’d like to retire a millionaire. Maybe a billionaire! Discipline and Consistency is the way to go here. You’ve got to have Self Discipline. You will have challenges that will require the use of money and trust me the first thing you will think about is that money saved up in your account. Don’t do it. Resist that temptation. You will feel a whole lot worse when you “interrupt” the progression of your goals. Before I decided to start investing, I educated myself on how why and when I need to do this I.e investing/saving. You are never too young to start thinking about investing. You could be too old but never too young. The earlier the better. It will give you more time to put away enough money and it’s going to be less stressful too. I learned that if you want to achieve something, you need to control the way you think. If you are able to do this you will definitely achieve your goals. It’s not just about retiring a millionaire, it’s also about having a peace of mind knowing that you will be well taken care of. With Consistency…If you decide to put away a certain amount for a certain period of time, keep doing it. Keep making that deposit. Keep doing your business. Keep making more money.

Lack of consistency can bring on a lack of interest

Invest. Let your money make more money for you.

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Stay blessed🍃

What a year 2018 was! But cheers to 2019

Oh M Gee…another year gone…

Not so along ago it was just February, and now it’s almost already the end of the year. It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride! When I look back to how this year started (My year in particular), definitely out of the blue moment. Some situations that took place still leave my mouth hanging when I go back “in time”. It’s like for a second I left my body and sh*t happened. And some situations were definitely my best moments. I learnt so much about myself. If it wasn’t for this year I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I’ve never felt so confident about myself and just knowing that I was able to keep my head up high despite the challenges I was facing really make me feel that anything is possible. I found myself. Found inner peace. Renewed my relationship with God. I allowed myself to fall in love hard. I wouldn’t say that I have changed a lot but there is definitely some improvement to who I used to be. Never felt this good about myself. I’d encourage you to focus on yourself first. Love yourself so that you give out the best energy to others.

I have a few highlights of my 2018:

Not everything that glitters is gold

At some point it seemed as though I had everything. I had the relationship all my friends wished they had. From the outside it looked perfect. I swear even I started believing this was “it”. I was gonna go and get hitched, have babies and live happily ever after. Boy was I wrong…I’m not gonna go too much into detail but all I can say is do not judge a book by its cover. It’s so sad how people are so quick to assume they know what’s going on.

Forbidden love

I have talked so much about my “forbidden love” story that I won’t get too much into detail. I have also talked about not being scared to take the leap of faith. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy. Life is too short. Live it. Remember time wasted is never gained.

The benefits of entrepreneurship

I don’t have the successful story of being an entrepreneur. Not yet. I have done a few businesses but that’s it. Nothing of a “wow” moment. Next year I’m thinking of starting a restaurant, renting a farm land and I also want to work on a thrift store. Then I will have a story to tell. I’d love to be my own boss and be able to work on my own time and not being programmed by the government’s Dos and Don’ts. I know i can achieve all this by being an entrepreneur. Having various sources of income is important. It gives you a peace of mind.

Becoming a mom

Never in a million years did I ever think this would happen to me. I wanted to graduate then get married at some point then have babies. But I guess God does have the final Say. We can plan all we like day and night but God has the final Say. Of course I wish things turned out exactly how I’d have loved them to. But it is what it is. I had a baby before graduation. Before marriage. It’s not the perfect scenario. It’s the best and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world.

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Have a great weekend🍃🍃🍃


A heart that is quick to forgive…

A heart that is quick to love…

A heart that is genuine…

A heart that gives second chances…

A heart that is not scared of pain..

A heart that is strong to criticism…

A heart full of joy and happiness and peace…

A heart ready to take on new risky ventures….

I never thought my body could go through so much pain. Pain so excruciating I thought I was going to die. The longest five hours of my life…But I knew that it was the only way to meeting my daughter. My little girl. My Angel. My everything. I ain’t never seen anything so perfect before I met you sweetheart😭🙏❤ I could fill up the universe with only I LOVE YOUS. I love you and I love the person I have become because of you. Cheers to this journey of a life time….🍼🍹


1 Corinthians 13:4-5

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MAKE-UP CULTURE|what is it? How has it changed the game in the makeup industry?

The perfect well articulated eyebrows

The beautifully blended eyeshadow

The contour the highlight the lipstick

Call it a hobby, a talent, a career…Some people even call it a waste of time….Those who don’t know anything of course. You spend hours and hours doing your makeup or on others, right? So it is right for someone to call it a “waste of time”.

But leave it to the person behind that perfect Smokey eye or the amazing red lip and how fulfilled they are because everything came together. The “whew” moment was worth every stroke of the brush….

Makeup has become part of our everyday culture now. It is for everybody. For all races. For all genders. How cool is that? Imagine that young boy who watched his mother or sisters doing makeup and wishing he could do the same but because of the belief that makeup is for girls he couldn’t and now that he can is mind blowing . Not only that certain religions have kept a very strict rule of how “natural” one must be.

I’ve seen so many YouTube videos of Muslim girls doing makeup. The final look is breath taking. This is a sign that people are slowly accepting the MAKEUP CULTURE. It is for everybody who wants to explore with this field.

With that said, let’s talk about how many businesses have become so successful because of just way too many people willing to buy the products. DO you think that if makeup was only for girls and only girls bought these products, the makeup business would have been this successful? I don’t think so!

When it comes to business, because of how accepting people are of makeup, people are able to have a career and provide for their families, buy houses, cars etc. Not only is it something that makes your beauty extra pop but also has become a source of income for many. Including me. I might venture into this business.

It is well known that you cannot be a millionaire from one source of income. Invest into other things and let your money create more money for you. Even the people we look up to like #rihanna. Just not so long ago she was all about the music but because she’s seen how in demand makeup is she invested into it, hence #fentybeauty 🙌

If you spend so much time doing something you’re passionate about, you might as well get paid for it.

One of my all time favorite eyeshadow palettes…🤗

I love how earthy the Luxe pallet is😘it can give you that simple nude eye look with matte finish or if you want some drama go for that glitter

The Nubian by Javia is another of my go to🙈🙌

How pigmented and poppin’the colours are is everything🤗 if you have not tried this out yet, you definitely should.

Makeup or no makeup we are all still beautiful.

If you have any makeup product that you are still very much attached to despite all new brands coming up leave a comment

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Stay blessed🍃